Friday, March 7, 2008

Strange Platefellows

TMT likes our food spicy, our flavors erratic, and our palates teased. We like the salty with the sweet (saltines and fluff), fruit with cheese (banana with cheese, apple pie with cheese), and pickles at 3am. We get a lot of stomach aches. They’re mostly worth it.

Why not mix it up? The only good thing that we can see come out of pregnancy is the right to eat nonsensical treats and avoid criticism. Pickles and fudge, you go mama. Give that baby what it needs.

We once knew a young girl who ate peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches, and though she was 7 and certainly not preggers, we’re not gonna hate on that either. Sometimes you just have to answer to the beast that rumbles. Sometimes you must eat these horrible things.

Readers what nasty bits do you love to eat? What bizarro combos do you crave?

Editors note: AP learned about banana wrapped in cheese from Mr. Rogers. I probably missed it because Mr. Rogers gave me the willies.


  1. does anyone want a recipe for peanut butter, banana and chocolate chip bread? would this meet with your culinary expectations for bananas??

  2. Most certainly. Please post in comments! AP can't eat enough bananas in one day, unfortunately for me, they bind.

  3. 1. Mr. Rogers was supposed to speak at my college graduation but he died and couldn't make it.

    2. While not that weird it's one of my favs and delicious. PB and popcorn...but the trick is microwave the pb so it's melty and dip the popcorn in pb soup. hmmmm....