Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No, you can't have it. I don't even know you!

TMT was surprised to see how many people would give a needy stranger their bean-organ. This editor wouldn't, and I doesn't mind saying so. Look, maybe if stranger and I were the last two people on Earth, and I needed stranger to survive so that we could procreate to keep alive our species. Because obviously if we were the only two left, I wouldn't have a family member or loved one who could possibly need said kidney in the future. And to be honest, even in that most dire of cases, I would probably tell him he's out of luck. "Dude," I'd say, "man has clearly run its course." Then I'd pour myself the first of my stockpiled beers and party hard, intact, till the end.

Would you jokers give someone in need your vitals?

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