Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Postmaster General

Today AP called me the "Postmaster" for my lengthy blog posts. But I want you to know readers, that I've held that title long before the internet even existed. In elementary school, I was given the title of "M.F. Elementary Postmaster." As an experiment in responsibility, and a fun way to teach postal etiquette, our school started a system whereby kiddies could send letters to their tiny friends in other classes. Each class had an area code, each grade a letter carrier, each letter carrier a chief, and I was the boss of all of them. I even got a certificate and a picture with the town postmaster who was portly.

Know who else was a postmaster? Abe Lincoln. I see big things in my future. Or a lady beard.

Postmaster Lincoln,
Lincoln was Postmaster of the Village of New Salem from 1833-1836.

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