Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weave Me Alone

It's Thursday afternoon, I am taking the day off tomorrow, so I am going to cut the bullshit. I hate synthetic hair. When I look at weaves, I get the willies. It's all fake and knotted in there. Or worse, it is someone else's hair. Just imagine, you are laying in bed with your lady and running your fingers through her...nope. Rat's comeover.

This is not a racial issue. I hate hair extensions, and though I know those who have used them, those little pieces women put into their up-dos to make them fuller, nasty. Possibly the worst are those elastics you can buy at the Big K for $1.50 that have a ring-o-hair attached. They should be illegal.

1 comment:

  1. Weaves, wigs, extensions, etc. are what they are...ugly

    They are disgusting and I never understood why females are so keen on getting them.

    I I think the "George Kastanza" balding pattern is more appealing than a wig or extension.