Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where does it come out?

When I was a child left alone in my mother's car, I stuck birdseed in her car ignition. The seed was in a bag on the floor. I picked up a couple and jammed them into the small opening to see where they would come out. They didn't; I broke my mom's car.

Where things come out, moreover the interconnectedn
ess of things, has long been a fascination of mine. And just recently, I have found a product that lets me explore my own piping, whilst clearing up congestion. I give you the Nedi Pot.
Actually, I use the Sinus Rinse with the Standard 8oz bottle.

Here's how it goes: I boil water. Let it cool slightly. Pour it and a saline packet into the bottle, shake gently (while holding the hole at top closed with my thumb) and am ready to go. If you are eating or are just a pussy, maybe stop here.

For you brave scientists who wish to know more...I squirt in one nostril and it flows through my sinus cavity and out the other nostril. Sometimes it comes out my mouth. Gross, you say? I say freaking amazing. T
he human head is made of magic tunnels. Now where's that birdseed.

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