Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Deja Vu

Today, like most other days, I read. And though my eyes fell on each word for hundreds of words, page after page, I retained nothing. I have a lot on my mind. Those things that bother me filled my head for chapters. The result: I have no idea what is going on in my book. Later, I will open it and probably read, "Now that he's dead..." and I will be confused and dismayed, having missed the crucial scene in which my protagonist gets it. To avoid this, I will have to reread what I (didn't) read this morning before moving on.

This happens to me a lot. It's annoying, but I think kind of awesome, too. Hear me out. This is probably, on a small scale, what is meant by Deja Vu. I read my book, but not consciously. If asked, I would tell you I have no idea what has happened. But when I read passages for a second time, some of it will strike me as surprisingly familiar. I think that Deja Vu is just that: consciously experiencing something you had previously experienced unconsciously, either in a dream, happenings in your periphery, or another dimension. Ok I don't know if I believe in other dimensions or other lives, but I am not ruling it out. Denzel is very convincing.

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