Monday, March 24, 2008

From No Breads to No Beds

In college, I took a road trip with the girls from BDLR to Quebec. It was a frigid March, and we drove through the snow. After a whiteout in Mexico, New York, our little car actually died, but was brought back to life by a random Marine with car smarts. Anyway the trip was marked by a number of wonders (fondue and crepes) and disasters (blood clot in my eye), but also by a French Canadian television show that we watched every night.

The gist of the show: A lively silver haired host with animated eyebrows shouts feverishly in French at the screen while a large graphic would blink. The graphic, from what I can remember was a picture of a bed with a red strikethrough, as in “No Beds.” We laughed and laughed. No effing Beds.

That guy hated beds. TMT will give our undying admiration to anyone who can find out info on the No Beds show.

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