Thursday, March 6, 2008


State Senator Karen S. Johnson giggles. She's jokingly describing herself as a “right-wing wacko.” Trouble is...sister is a big one.Her bill proves it.
After an influx of campus shootings, lawmaker Johnson thinks we should all pack heat on campus. And she's not just talking college. Karen initially wanted her six-gun-students bill to cover all public schools, kindergarten included, saying, “I feel like our kindergartners are sitting there like sitting ducks." TMT doesn't like to imagine the furious, gun-toting kindergarten teacher who has to change pee pants one too many times. Or, you know, the kid who finds the weapon and plays with it.

Eventually, her fellow lawmakers talked her into bumping up the minimum age to college level, and last week, the Senate Judiciary passed her bill, 4-to-3. And though her home-state of Arizona is super gun friendly (can carry a gun without a permit, so long as its on is on your hip, just has to be visible), it is not alone. Apparently 15 states consider legislation that promotes guns in schools. What makes Arizona stand apart: not only students and faculty with guns, but also staff members. Look out, here come the lunch ladies.

What do you think, readers? You packing right now?

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