Thursday, March 27, 2008

Steve McQueen

Last Night, the husband and I watched Bullitt, Steve McQueen's 1968 car chase classic. I only just (within the past few years) became familiar with the "King of Cool" and I am a better person for it. McQueen is an anti-hero who says, in few lines and a series of facial expressions, what many of my generation's young actors can't get across in 5 or more movies. On film, he seems almost disdainful of the business, as if he was there to do a job and if the camera captures it, well whatever. Just don't get in his way. He's got bad guys to shoot or catch. And I haven't even begun to talk about his road skills.

I love muscle cars. My husband probably loves me just because I love muscle cars. Bullitt's 1968 Dodge Charger and Mustang GT were made famous by the chase scenes that tore through the streets of San Francisco at an honest-to-God 110 miles per hour.

There are other cool facts about McQueen worth checking out (like how he was carried Bruce Lee's coffin, how he was targeted by Manson, etc.), but we think the most noteworthy things about him were left on film.

Editor's note: TMT thinks our man, Daniel Craig, is the second coming.

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  1. i love steve mcqueen and I love all the photos at the top of this post.